I am

I am a woman.

I am a painter.

I am self-taught.

Painting is for me a path, a need, an expression, an inner jorney.

The creative act is life itself.  There are tines in lige when you lose touch with your confidence, your courage, your instinct, your wisdom, your sense of smell, your sense of meaning. You walk disconnected, without direction. Suddenly you feel a small inner spark, minimal but sufficient. And the heat of that flame cooks again life, hope, confidence, knowledge. The broken nets are woven and in that work without haste, with consciousness of being, without wanting to be in any other place or being something else, with the emotion of rediscovering the sensation of creating between your hands, you reconnect with your essential being, with creativity, with what always was and always will be with that place that contains everything, where everything is.

And you remember.
And you smile
And you paint.

You are home.
It's you.

Written by Pachuca_admin_procesos on jueves septiembre 28, 2017

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