Processes at Santa María la Real de Nieva (Spain)

Once again, life has given me a great gift. To have the opportunity to exhibit my work in this magnificent space of the Monastery of Santa María la Real de Nieva in Segovia (Spain) next to its impressive Romanesque cloister.

Since I discovered this location I felt a great connection with the space, the cloister overwhelmed me, the silence embraced me and I felt that it was the place where my paintings could be expressed in their fullness.

During this exhibition creation process, I have walked around this cloister on several occasions as at the time the Dominican monks did and I have felt the power of silence and mystery of this place, inviting me to delve into the essential questions of my existence. Because maybe only this way, backing to the truth of one's life, one understands that the only obstacle to open up to creative uncertainty is within each one. Patience is required to pick up the fruits of what we are gestating and determination and confidence to be at the disposal of the creation.

This cloister´s stones have accompanied me at every step and wrapped me up so I could feel, understand, give in, accept, move, listen, get overwhelmed, let go, find myself. And through the silence being able to connect with my soul and with the human soul, to better understand myself and others. In silence, calm, acceptance, you travel within yourself to illuminate your darkness and marvel at the immensity of possibilities, of creation, of greatness. In a difficult, disciplined, monotonous, endless interior walk you can only guide yourself with your well-oriented inner compass, with your instinct, with your intuition to walk further than ever, to reconnect with the essentials, to recognize yourself and start the great journey back home.

Life is a creative act, it is created at every step, it doesn't just happen. We do not come to a determined world, we come to create. I accepted what was happening in my life as an apprenticeship, welcoming the serenity that listens and quietens the agitation that speaks. Then I began to hear the murmurs of life and I became once again the most truthful channel possible for my work.

This environment has helped me to understand that the creative act is also a spiritual act. We must listen again with all those other languages ​​that we have relegated such as mysticism, altruism, emotions, utopias, poetry, dreams, passion, which complete us and help us to understand things, not from the reason that imposes but from our Self, who feels gratitude and freedom to not have to defend anything but simply recognize the mission itself and perform the task entrusted.

I invite you to enjoy this opportunity to park the hurries and open yourself to the silence of this magnificent space, to savor what this "move away" from the worldly noise means, to delve into the mystery and to live the silence with the willingness to listen.


Written by Pachuca_admin_procesos on lunes septiembre 2, 2019

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