Exhibition "Processes" in Fundación Castresana - Oña (Burgos-Spain)

This work that I present at the Castresana Foundation is the last years work where I have continued deepening into the "process" of the creative act, in which I have been immersed for ten years. These "Processes", which are woven in the solitude and silence of the studio, surrounded by the necessary tools and listening to the message that the painting wants to express, are an inner process.

I believe that the artist is an artisan who puts his hands at the disposal of the creation. Of a creation that wants to express itself, that wants to materialize. And the artist connects with that idea and executes it, embodies it through himself and becomes a reality. The artist lives at the disposal of creation. And in this way of living, the basis of this creativity is trust in life. Everything is fine. Everything is as it should be.

The message to be transmitted through the work must emerge after the harmonization in the artist of mind, emotion and body. It is then that the artist creates in all its force. Creates and transmits a message that the artist knows balanced and pure. I feel it as beauty, as harmony, as uniqueness. You know it is. You recognize it. You admire it. And it's so big that you just let it be. It makes you aware of your space / time limitation. But at the same time it enlightens you, rejuvenates you, gives you hope. For a few seconds. For a few minutes. You know. The work is done, is in order and already is.

I create looking, feeling. I create listening, smelling. I create being the center of this spectacle of creation that surrounds us. We all are creative beings, and not just rational. We are so much bigger and more important than we believe. It is not just understanding emotions mentally, is about channeling them through your body, embodying them in order to understand and surrender to the greatness of the human being. And in that place of calm, of acceptance, of conscious listening to yourself, creation happens naturally. No forcing, just flowing. Creativity passes through you.

Now, in this uncertain future we are living, is when we must most connect with our creativity. We must learn to manage uncertainty, to take risks, to develop new skills and attitudes. All our creative capacities, all the solutions are there but we have forgotten that we have them. We must explore and work on them. Now is not anymore the time to compete, it is time to collaborate, to contribute creatively.

In this current world of individualities, I believe that art teaches us that we are not alone. That we are much bigger than we think. That everything is and is connected in a great matrix from which we all come, to which we all belong and which interconnects us all, where creation occurs because that is our destiny in order to evolve.

Thank you. You are all welcome.

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"Processes" Exhibition - Santa María la Real de Nieva (Spain)

From September 28 to October 19, 2018 Santa María la Real de Nieva Monastery - Plaza Mayor 12. Santa María la Real de Nieva

This cloister´s stones have accompanied me at every step and wrapped me up so I could feel, understand, give in, accept, move, listen, get overwhelmed, let go, find myself. And through the silence being able to connect with my soul and with the human soul, to better understand myself and others. In silence, calm, acceptance, you travel within yourself to illuminate your darkness and marvel at the immensity of possibilities, of creation, of greatness. (Pachuca Sotomayor © 2019)

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"Processes" Exhibition - BBK Space Illustrious Bar Association of Bizkaia - Bilbao (Spain)

From July 5 to September 28, 2018 - Illustrious Bar Association of Bizkaia - Rampas de Uribitarte, 3 Bilbao

The creative act is life itself. There are times in life when you lose touch with your confidence, your courage, your instinct, your wisdom, your sense of smell, your sense of meaning. You walk around disconnected, without direction. Suddenly you feel a small inner spark, minimal but sufficient. And around the heat of that flame is cooked again life, hope, confidence, knowledge. The broken nets are woven and in that work without haste, with consciousness of being, without wanting to be in any other place or being something else, with the emotion of rediscovering the sensation of creating between your hands, you reconnect with your essential being, with creativity, with what always was and always will be, with that place that contains everything, where everything is.(Pachuca Sotomayor © 2018)

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Conferencia "El proceso creativo" Universidad de Deusto - Bilbao

El pasado 19 de Octubre 2017 con ocasión de la inauguración de la exposición celebrada en el Colegio de Arquitectos de Bizkaia COAVNBIZ y su visita a Bilbao,  la pintora Pachuca Sotomayor se reunió con los alumnos de último curso de la especialidad de Marketing de la Universidad de Deusto para compartir con ellos su conocimiento y experiencia del acto creativo y la activación de la creatividad como medio artístico y de vida. 

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Palacio de la Alhóndiga
Plaza de la Alhóndiga, s/n
Segovia (Spain)
From February 16th to March 18th 2018

Pachuca Sotomayor conceives creation as a kind of dance in which music pretends to be chromatic and the painting pretends to be sonorous. It is in his large canvases, therefore, a synesthesia, a language between different sensory sensations that makes them full of strength and emotions.

Pachuca Sotomayor dances with his paintings, converses with them, and in this process they are weaving in her hands. Her works are a harmony of terracottas in fluid geometric shapes or a dissonant contrast between azure blues and vermilion reds with tense and meandering lines that never lose their rhythm. For its execution she uses soil, cloth, sand or wood.

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COAVNBIZ Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Vizcaya - Avda Mazarredo, 69 - Bilbao (Spain)

Pachuca’s Processes have continued evolving in these two years, preserving that synesthetic character of the colors, forms, senses, feelings, the delicacy of her informalism and the esthetic of the fate so rhythmic and musical with which all her pictures dance.

The euphony and the gentle convulsion of her work tell in a whisper that dance she practices with her paintings and that seam of which the artist herself speaks, which leads her to a creative journey woven of emotions where she reconnects with herself and with her world:

"And in that work of weaving slowly, with awareness of being, without haste, without judgment, admiring, without wanting to be anywhere else, without wanting to be anything else, excited by what is woven in my hands, I reconnect with my essential being. With what was always and always will be.  With that place that contains everything, where everything is.

And I remember.  And I smile.  And I paint. I am home."

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Comisariado: Laura Jimenez

Pachuca Sotomayor se pone las bailarinas de artista y se sube al escenario, a ese lugar de paz y limerencia creativa en el que comienza la danza junto al cuadro. Ambos dirigen. Él le pide color, ella le da una armonía de terracotas en formas geométricas fluidas o un contraste disonante entre azules celestes y rojos bermellones con líneas tensas y serpenteantes pero que nunca pierden el ritmo. Él le pide volumen, más movimiento, ella tira el pincel y le ofrece tierra, tela, arenas, madera, tacto. 

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Galería 3K Art

La pintura tiene valores propios y claros para producir emociones y sentimientos sin representar o simbolizar nada, cada espectador puede sentir una impresión distinta incluso a la del pintor

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